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Silvento ec

Thanks to ec technology, the power consumption could be considerably reduced. The Silvento ec is quieter than its predecessors because it works much more efficiently and can be operated with lower volume flows.

The lowest ventilation stage is 15 m³/h.

Two modules are selected to control the Silvento ec:
Basic board: The Silvento ec has seven ventilation stages between 15 and 60 m3/h. They can also be combined with time lag, interval switching and switch-on delay.

Comfort board: In addition to the capabilities of the basic module, it is also equipped with a humidity and temperature sensor. A finer and more individual humidity control, which controls the fan even without permanent basic ventilation, was not available until now.

Both modules can be combined with plug-in extension modules:
The motion detector module with a radar-supported motion detector makes switches superfluous. All control techniques of the basic module are triggered by the motion detector. With the aid of the optional radio module, the Silvento ec can be remote-controlled via radio from external controls, sensors or with radio switches without further wiring.

Versatile use – now also in the cellar
The Silvento ec can not only be used in exhaust air rooms such as bathrooms, toilets and utility rooms, it also ventilates cellars cleanly and hygienically.

Cellar ventialtion
The Silvento ec is the new, innovative solution for cellar ventilation from LUNOS. It ensures clean and hygienic ventilation of the cellar area. Comfort and a pleasant room climate are therefore easy to achieve. Commissioning is carried out in conjunction with the circuit board type 5/EC-KE and the switch type 5/W2 FK. The fan permanently records the air humidity and calculates an average value, which can be achieved by ventilation. A permanent voltage is required for this.

The new Silvento ec is of course 100% compatible with all LUNOS parts. This ensures that all devices can, if required, be swiftly and easily replaced with new devices.

Due to its extremely low energy consumption, the Silvento ec is so efficient that it does not fall into the classification for the energy label and may therefore not be labelled at all..