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Outside covers

Aluminium outer hood

For the first time, aluminium outer hoods have been designed and LUNOS is once again ahead of its competitors.

The assembly unit and hood are made of two different aluminium alloys – optimally matched to the application.

The new outer hoods also feature additional sound insulation, and rain and storms can remain outside. In addition, an elaborate seal ensures a controlled outflow of moist exhaust air. This ensures that no warm moist air reaches the cold façade. This prevents condensation from forming on the façade and unattractive discoloration.

The outer hoods can be installed on all units.

  • (H x W x D) 235 x 205 x 72 mm
  • For round ducts in diameter Ø160 mm, insect screen, with sound insulation, for screwing
  • Increase of the standard sound level difference by up to 6 dB

1/HWE / HWE-2       Aluminium white powder-coated

1/HAZ / HAZ-2         Aluminium anthracite powder coated