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LUNOtherm façade element

Fan grilles on the outside wall are often considered as a disturbing element. By using the LUNOtherm facade element, the supply vent disappears from the wall surface. Further development of the LUNOtherm has made unrestricted facade design possible. For the first time, all benefits of the LUNOS 160 series of fans, such as high air throughput, draft-free operation, hygiene and noise protection can be combined with a facade without a disturbing ventilation grille.

The 160 series for new buildings and redevelopment with LUNOtherm and LUNOtherm FS
To facilitate this, a closing element of the 160 series, LUNOtherm, is integrated in the insulation layer of the external thermal insulation composite system. The air vent is then located in the window lintel, in the reveal or under the window. It can be mounted above, to the side or under the window which means it can also be easily combined with a roller shutter casing.

The only facade element with an approval by DiBt
The LUNOtherm is supplied in insulating material thickness and is processed by the facade builder in the same way as an insulating panel of ETICS. Please request detailed assembly instructions. Since the LUNOtherm is installed in the fire flashover section, compliant suitability within the general building approval of DIBt was tested. The LUNOtherm A can be installed in a non-combustible ETICS pursuant to DIN 4102-A and the LUNOtherm B in a flame resistant ETICS pursuant to DIN 4102-B1 up to an insulating thickness of 300 mm.


LUNOtherm A and LUNOtherm A FS

Application in non-combustible ETICS pursuant to DIN 4102-A- The sealing core is protected via inner mineral casing. Element FS for mounting below the window.

Insulating thickness 60-300 mm
Dimension 980 x 490 mm (505 mm FS)

LUNOtherm B and LUNOtherm B FS

Application in flame resist