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The new one from LUNOS: The e²60 is the solution for all requirements

LUNOS presented its new device for the first time at the ISH 2019: the e²60. This true all-rounder is the solution for all requirements and you will look in vain for a comparable product .

The e²60 enables an even volume flow, which can be infinitely adjusted up to 60 m³/h. The e²60 can be used as a control unit for a wide range of applications. Responsible for the high thermal efficiency of the unit is, among other things, the patented flow regulator, which ensures a constant air flow through the heat exchanger.

The e²60 is pressure-optimised and thus ensures a constant volume flow even in areas with very high back pressures, such as on the coast or at high altitudes.

An optional, intelligent control system ensures that the occurring back pressures are balanced up to 20 Pa and the air flow remains unaffected up to 40 m³/h if required. The device thus meets the new requirements for wind pressure stability according to EN 13141-8 and is the first device of its type to achieve class S1.

The e²60 can be used in any e² environment as the same grilles, hoods, inner panels and controls can be used. Quick retrofitting is possible at any time.

Preliminary technical data can be found in technical data sheet