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Axial fan AB 30/60

Hybrid ventilation system with e² and AB 30/60

The new development of the LUNOS Company for optimized enhancement of the e² series in classical exhaust air rooms such as the bathroom, ec and kitchen. The AB 30/60 has a similar appearance to the e²: inside panel with filter and outside grille are from the same product family and have the same dimensions. On account of the same design structure, the fans e² and AB 30/60 are predestined for hybrid ventilation in which ventilation and heat recovery combines with exhaust air technology in a cost and energy efficient manner.

State of the art motor technology

The innovative ec-motor with integrated electronics facilitates direct connection to the power grid without any additional components. The flow rate can be selected between the two ventilation steps of 30 and 60 m³/h and switched via a conventional rocker switch. The connection lines can be connected quickly and easily to the fan. Terminals and a protection hood required are supplied.

Lowest noise level: even axial fans can be silent

Axial fans are widely known for their relatively loud noise level. However, computer-optimized fan blades combined with a new developed channel of flow and extensive sound absorption material ensure the AB 30/60 emits only a low noise level and also has ideal noise protection from the outside.

Best efficiency for the environment

With a converted power consumption of only 0.05-0.08 W/m³/h, the AB 30/60 is outstanding in terms of energy efficiency and makes an active contribution to environmental protection, and also saves you money.

Flow rate 30/60 m3/h
Power consumption 1,5/4,9 W
Motor type ec for direct conection to alternating current
Specific power consumption 0,05-0,08 W/m3/h
Supply voltage/frequency 115-230 V/50-60 Hz
Sound pressure level (at 1 m distance) 28/45 dB
Standard sound pressure difference up to 46 dB
Ø fan insert 98 mm
Ø fan insert including sound insulation 155 mm
Minimum wall thickness 200 mm
Delivery length (can be shortened) 300 mm
Ø core hole 162 mm
Size of inside panel 180 x 180 mm
Ø outside grille 180 mm or LUNOtherm
Protection class IP44
  • RoHS and WEEE compliant
  • EnEV and DIN 1946-6 compliant
  • Can be used in low-energy buildings