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Maximum sound insulation

The ALD-S consists of four star-shaped sound absorbers, a sound reflector and two sound insulation rings. The sound reflector made of stainless steel enables the highest possible sound insulation, which can be achieved in these airflow volume ranges. This eliminates the need for additional inner or outer sound insulation screens.


The ALD-S serves as a passive supply air element for living and sleeping areas. In combination with the LUNOS exhaust air units, e.g. Silvento ec, the base load operation creates a constant negative pressure in the bath and / or kitchen, which ensures that fresh air is transported into the house via the ALD-S – without any disturbing noise from the outside.

The ALD-S ensures the user-independent ventilation according to DIN 1946-6.

New flexible material

The new flexible granulate material is a combination of technical foams that achieve a high specific weight due to the manufacturing process while maintaining high flexibility. This allows sound insulation values to be achieved that were previously not possible in this way.


The built-in device is inserted into the wall-tube 9/ R 160 (ø 160 mm). An electrical connection is not required since the ALD-S is a passive supply air element.

Please observe the installation manual and have the outer wall air vent installed by a qualified professional.

Airflow volume 1 2 Pa at 7 m³/h
Airflow volume 2 4 Pa at 10 m³/h
Airflow volume 3 8 Pa at 15 m³/h
Standard sound level difference 61 dB at 500 mm wall thickness, 9/IBE, 1/WE180
Standard sound level difference 53 dB at 360 mm wall thickness, 9/IBE, 1/WE180
Minimum installation length 180 mm