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The ALD (formerly called ALD-R 160) has been one of the best-selling ALDs at LUNOS since its development in the year 2002. Its versatility has been proven in a wide range of applications such as e.g. in new buildings with the fitting installation block 9/MRD and in many cases of modernization in which the ALD was installed subsequently by means of core boring. It can also be easily combined with the facade element LUNOtherm.

The ALD-SV – for high volume flows

The ALD-SV was newly developed by LUNOS. If high volume flows are required, the ALD-SV ensures a sufficient supply of fresh air. The volume flow can be set to up to 25 m³/h using the reduction screen.

New noise absorbers

To improve the good values for noise protection even further, a range of experiments were carried out with regard to the various forms of noise absorbers. The most efficient option proved to be an arrangement of polyhedron noise absorber modules, using these sound absorbers Dn,W values of 50 and 55 dB are achieved with wall thicknesses of 36 and 50 cm.

While increasing comfort, attention is also paid to a more flexible application of the ALD. Up to now, LUNOS had three different ALD which covered different areas of application and which were different on account of varying flow rates. The optimized ALD is equipped for all fields of application. By means of a new reduction screen, three flow rates can be set: 15, 20 and 25 m3/h. This ensures ideal, comfortable and pleasant ventilation of varying room sizes with different air requirements via ALD.


Flow rate 1 25 m³/h at 8 Pa, 18 m³/h at 4 Pa
Flow rate 2 20 m³/h at 8 Pa, 13,5 m³/h at 4 Pa
Flow rate 3 15 m³/h at 8 Pa, 10 m³/h at 4 Pa
Sound pressure level Dn,W,open 53 dB, wall 500 mm
Sound pressure level Dn,W,offen 57 dB, wall 500 mm, with LUNOtherm
Sound pressure level Dn,W,geschlossen 61 dB, wall 500 mm
Length 500 mm
Diameter Ø160 mm
  • EnEV and DIN 1946-6 compliant
  • Can be used in low-energy buildings