Ecodesign Directive

With effect from 01 January 2016 the Directive 2009/125 / EC Regulation (EU) no. 1253/2014 and the Delegated Regulation (EU) 1254/2014 will be bindingly implemented in the EU. This binding implementation requires some changes in the product declaration of ventilation systems and the supplementation of the product documentation by new product data sheets as well as, if applicable, energy labels to identify the efficiency class of devices.
LUNOS guarantees compliance with all new regulations for the new product declaration as well as the completeness of all necessary documents.

On this page you find all downloads of the respective energy labels, product data sheets and PDFs for dismantling the products. You also receive information about exhibition devices as well as background information.

Energy labels of LUNOS

Energy Label Nexxt K
Energy Label Silvento AC
Energy Label fgo
Energy Label ego
Energy Label e²neo
Energy Label e²mini
Energy Label e²short
Energy Label e²

Product Data Sheets of LUNOS

Data Sheet Nexxt K
Data Sheet e2short
Data Sheet e2neo
Data Sheet Silvento 30/60 ZII
Data Sheet Silvento 30/60
Data Sheet RA 15/60
Data Sheet fgo
Data Sheet ego
Data Sheet e2mini
Data Sheet e2
Data Sheet AB 30/60 ZII
Data Sheet AB 30/60

Dismantling of Products

Dismantling Nexxt+closing flap
Dismantling Nexxt
Dismantling e2, e2neo, e2short
Dismantling RA 15-60
Dismantling Silvento V
Dismantling AB 30/60
Dismantling fgo
Dismantling Silvento KL
Dismantling Silvento
Dismantling ego
Dismantling e2mini
Dismantling Outer Hood

Exhibition Devices

Exhibition devices are subject to the obligation of subsequent labelling. This means that, as of 01 January 2016, labels have to be attached subsequently also to exhibition devices that have already been set up.


The directive on Energy Labeling 2010/30 / EU, which was passed in 2010 and replaced the old EU Framework Directive 92/75 / EEC is intended to make an important contribution to increase the energy efficiency in Europe. On this basis regulations are issued for selected product groups, which include detailed, product group-specific requirements and labelling information. The regulations apply directly in all EU Member States.


Regulation (EU) no. 1253/2014 and (EU) No. 1254/2014 will apply to air conditioning devices of LUNOS. This EU regulation on the minimum efficiency of ventilation systems entered into force on 26 November 2014. It was issued in the context of a variety of other eco-design guidelines governing the minimum energy efficiency of products. Designers and constructors should know the Regulation, since it has great influence on the technical design of ventilation systems.

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