About us

LUNOS Lüftungstechnik GmbH – at that time LUNOS Lüftung – emerged in 1959 from the family business of the building contractor and architect Benno Schöttler, who had manufactured ventilation shafts and bricks from 1949 and subsequently concentrated on the development of small fans for living areas. Even before changing its name, the company launched the first fan on the market in 1952 – and thus laid the foundation for the successful development of the following decades. This was followed in 1960 by the sale of the first passive outer wall air vent made of plastic. The in-house planning and development office was responsible for new developments, so that, among other things, the first axial fan for active ventilation was launched in 1965 and the first radial fan for the home in 1974. The latter still forms the basis of all radial fans on the market today. As early as the 1980s, both axial and radial fans were available with closed inner screens, a component that had not been available from the competition before and is now standard, regardless of the manufacturer.

Fans adapted to the requirements of the times

The company has remained true to the principle of in-house development and production in Germany also after being renamed LUNOS Lüftungstechnik GmbH für Raumluftsysteme under the ownership of Ingo Volckmann in 2002. Today the company manufactures ultra-modern ventilation systems with and without heat recovery; among them for example the model e² – the first fan with heat recovery, which went into series production in 2011.

Core competencies of LUNOS – Made in Germany

The core competencies of LUNOS lie in controlled decentralised residential ventilation with and without heat recovery as well as in the development and manufacture of energy-efficient fans and outer wall air vents. LUNOS is the market leader in decentralised residential ventilation and continues to be on course for growth: In recent years the company has achieved such a high increase in turnover that the construction of a new, larger production site became necessary. With this site, LUNOS is well positioned to continue its positive development for years to come.

LUNOS has always manufactured its produces its products exclusively Made in Germany, but today these products can be purchased all over the world.

Over 60 years experience in the ventilation business