LUNOtherm-S receives DIBt approval

On May 18, 2020 the facade element LUNOtherm-S has officially received its approval from the DIBt, German Institute for Building Technology. This is now only the second facade element on the market to receive this approval from DIBt. LUNOtherm A and B received the first approval in 2005, also from LUNOS.

This approval means that the usability or applicability of LUNOtherm-S has been proven in the sense of the state building regulations in thermal insulation composite systems (ETICS) and that it can be installed without any reservations with regard to safety, flammability and suitability. “Especially in Germany, such an approval is required by building law in addition to compliance with various other guidelines and regulations, but other European countries such as Austria also use the approvals for their usability proofs”, explains Michael Merscher, Technical Director and Member of the Management Board of LUNOS Luftungstechnik GmbH.

The new LUNOtherm-S facade element has been optimized for a significantly higher sound insulation and can be processed even more easily than the well-known LUNOtherm facade elements. A significantly lower weight and an adaptable standard size additionally ensure better handling in logistics and on the construction site.


Further information about the LUNOtherm-S.

Approval of the DIBt for download in German.

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