LUNOS is a specialist trade brand in 2020

For the third time, LUNOS can look forward to this award: The German trade has voted for its favorite brands, and LUNOS has been chosen as the 2020 trade brand in the ventilation sector.

After a survey by the German Institute for Product and Brand Assessment, LUNOS was chosen by the skilled trades and has now received this special award for the third time . The PLUS X Award called to find the brands that are considered to be particularly partner-like, economically attractive and therefore worthy of award .

Mr. Jens Jaenecke, sales manager at LUNOS, is very happy. “It is a very special honor for us that LUNOS has repeatedly become the specialist trade brand of the year, because we have been actively recognized for this by the specialist craftsmen. This very direct and very positive feedback is a clear signal for us that we are going the right way. ”

LUNOS sells its products in Germany exclusively through the three-stage distribution channel and the ventilation units are installed on site by specialist tradesmen. Close contact is very important and LUNOS can always be reached via the hotline for planners, architects and craftsmen. The company is currently in the test phase of software tools that can be used to communicate quickly and easily with installers and craftsmen on the construction site.

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